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Running with Robyn and a Polar Bear

The morning was unseasonably warm as my sister Robyn and I departed the hotel on our way to Grant Park.   As we headed up Michigan Avenue we decided to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks before we worked our way to the start of the 33 rd running of the Chicago Marathon.   Even though we arrived early, the park was already crawling with people.   Runners of all shapes and sizes, age groups, and ethnic backgrounds filled the park with an energy that was almost palpable.   And in the middle of it all was one six-foot-plus polar bear.   WTH!?!   Obviously it wasn’t a real polar bear.   It was actually a registered runner dressed in a polar bear outfit, head to toe.   He was hard to miss, patiently waiting in line to use one of the many Porta Johns set up for the race.   Okay, sometimes things just don’t make sense on race day but that usually doesn’t happen until late in a race when you are nearly spent, both physically and mentally.   Heck, the battle that day hadn’t even started and

Running with my Dad...

For the two of you who eagerly awaited my explanation of why I won’t run another marathon with my sister, I apologize.   It’s not happening this time around.   I’ve had a busy few weeks and I just haven’t been able to get to it.   I just returned from my second trip to Germany in less than a month (one of which was to Patch) and I’m worn out.   No complaints though.   The trips were great.   However, I promise to get to my sister soon as well as share some thoughts on Patch.   Given that, I want to relay an experience I had last week…        Rarely do I go for a run and not think of my Dad and the impact he has had on my life.   He has taught me many things, one of which is the love of running.   Runners understand that running is a metaphor for life, regardless of your talent level.   Like life, running has its highs and lows.   It can be extremely painful one day and simple the next.    Running teaches you to persevere.   It teaches you to work.   It humbles.   It exalts.