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How do you spend your time?

This blog has laid dormant way too long.  So, I decided to kick the New Year off by posting a short article I wrote for my church's newsletter.  Happy 2016!!! 2016: A Time to Reflect! Three, two, one … Happy New Year … goodbye 2015, welcome 2016!   Wait, what?   Really!?!   Did we not just welcome the arrival of 2015?   We have similar thoughts as each year passes, do we not?   The older we get the quicker time seems to pass by.   Frankly, it seems like just yesterday we anxiously counted down the final seconds of 1999 while at the same time wondering if the world was about to come to a catastrophic end due to Y2K.   But it didn’t, and like previous years, 1999 came and went much like 2015 did ... passing quietly, albeit quickly, into the annals of history.   As I reflect on this, particularly the pace at which the years pass, it raises the question:   “How do I spend my time?”   I certainly won’t bore you with the details here but suffice it to say I don’t spend my time wise